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Business Buyer FAQ

Why should I buy a business rather than start one?

An existing business has a track record. The failure rate in small business is largely in the start-up phase.

The existing business has demonstrated that there is a need for that product or service in a particular locale. Financial records are available along with other information on the business.

Most sellers will stay and train a new owner and most will also supply financing.

Finding someone who will teach you the intricacies of running a business and who is also willing to finance the sale can make all the difference.

Buying A Business Frequently Ask Questions

A business broker is similar to a real estate agent. Business brokers provide the matchmaking service of bringing together buyers and sellers of businesses. A business broker who spends all their time selling businesses will add more value to the sales transaction than a part-time agent. A full-time business broker can not only bring in a network of contacts but has an understanding of the principles of business valuation. Selling your small business for the highest price is the result of years of dedication and persistence. Finding buyers for your business sale can be difficult if you aren’t in a hot industry or lack unsolicited offers. An option to gain access to a larger pool of buyers is to consider using a business broker. The right business broker can help your small business find a source of potential buyers and aid in the sale of your company. Selling your business is a complex time-consuming matter that can be stressful and emotionally draining to an owner who is also trying to run their business.

The role of a business broker in the selling or buying of a business is often underestimated. Many people question why they should engage the services of a business broker. What value do they add to the process? Is it worth the fees they charge? Here, at Horizon Business Brokers, we believe in total transparency, so let's address these questions:

  1. Expertise and Experience: Business brokers like Horizon come with years of experience and a vast knowledge of the market. Selling or buying a business isn't an everyday transaction. It requires a specific set of skills and understanding that most business owners or potential buyers may not possess. The assistance of a broker ensures that the transaction process is smoother and more efficient.

  2. Confidentiality: In a business sale, preserving confidentiality is crucial. Revealing too much could risk relationships with employees, clients, or suppliers. Business brokers are adept at marketing your business in a way that protects your identity until serious interest from a buyer is established.

  3. Valuation: Putting a price tag on a business is complex and involves several factors like assets, debts, future earnings, and more. An overvaluation can scare away potential buyers, and an undervaluation means you leave money on the table. Experienced brokers understand these nuances and can help set a fair price that satisfies both parties.

  4. Buyer Access and Screening: Brokers have a network of potential buyers and can attract serious prospects to your business. Furthermore, they also screen potential buyers, ensuring they are financially qualified and genuinely interested, thus saving you time and energy.

  5. Negotiation and Closing: Closing a business deal is a complex process with legalities and financial intricacies. A broker can guide both parties through this procedure, ensuring all aspects are covered and helping you navigate any bumps that might arise.

  6. Time Saving: By managing the process, brokers allow you to focus on running your business, ensuring that your operations do not suffer during the selling process.

  7. Emotional Detachment: Selling or buying a business can be an emotionally charged process. A broker acts as an unbiased third party who can mediate, maintain perspective, and keep the negotiations on track.

At Horizon Business Brokers, our goal is to ensure a seamless transaction that benefits all parties involved. With our expert guidance, you will understand why engaging a business broker is an investment, not an expense. We strive to secure a deal that represents the true value of your hard-earned business and leads you to the next chapter of your professional life with confidence.

There are several ways to find businesses to buy, including networking with business brokers and industry professionals, searching online business listings and marketplaces, and approaching businesses directly to inquire about a potential sale.

When evaluating a business to buy, you should consider the company's financial performance, market position, growth potential, management team, and industry trends.

Several financing options are available for business acquisitions, including traditional bank loans, Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, and seller financing. In addition, consider using personal funds or seeking investment from outside investors.

Buying a business comes with inherent risks, including potential financial losses, unexpected legal or regulatory issues, and difficulties integrating the new business into your existing operations. However, conducting thorough due diligence and working with experienced professionals can help mitigate these risks.

Due diligence is the procedure of thoroughly researching and evaluating a company before completing a purchase. This typically includes reviewing financial statements, contracts, legal documents, and other essential business records to assess the risks and potential opportunities associated with the acquisition.

Business brokers act as mediators between buyers and sellers in a business transaction. They can help buyers find suitable businesses for sale, negotiate purchase terms, and provide guidance throughout the due diligence and closing process.

Common mistakes made by business buyers include:

  • Overpaying for a business.
  • Failing to conduct adequate due diligence.
  • It needs to be more accurate in the costs of running the business.
  • Not having a clear plan for integrating the new business into its existing operations.

The business buying process can vary in length depending on several features, including the complexity of the transaction, the size of the company being acquired, and the availability of financing. Generally, the process can take several months to a year or more from the initial search to closing the deal.

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